I'm Ryan Canfield,

a digital product designer & developer in Seattle, Wa.


While designing for digital products, I use an assortment of tools such as Sketch, Principle, Marvel & inVision to design and prototype. I am always on the hunt for tools that will allow me to design more iteratively and effectively.

In addition to my traditional graphic design education, I'm extremely comfortable with HTML, CSS(SCSS & Stylus) & Javascript. In development I specialize in dynamic user interfaces built with javascript (Reactjs in particular). I strive for maintainable, extensible code that is accessible and user-centric.

I am accustomed to an agile development flow including daily stand-up, sprint based development, and iterative & incremental development cycles. I am comfortable with complex git workflows as well as kanban style issue tracking services.

I work well on a team and can brainstorm and problem solve sticking points on the fly; especially in areas where design and development meet. Because I can speak both languages, I am an excellent liason between design and development teams.

Professional Achievements & Initiatives

Spoke on personal design & development methodology at 2016 Phoenix Design Week.

Established a weekly team training session in which one team member would research and present on a topic of interest in order to expand domain knowledge and team knowledge sharing capabilities.

Technical lead for a 3 person team developing an application in collaboration with Shopify.

Developed and maintained application frameworks, user interface component libraries, and knowledge bases in multiple previous positions.

Introduced the importance and advocated for the inclusion of accessibility and building accessible digital products in multiple previous positions.

Introduced company-wide coding standards to assist in developing highly readable & maintainable source code.

Work & Education

In 2009, I earned an Associates in Information Technology as a member of the National Honor Society. In May 2012, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design with Honors/Cum Laude & as the Salutatorian.

Shortly thereafter, I began my career as a designer for the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix, AZ before focusing my career on web design and development. By October 2012, I was offered a position as a UI engineer at Synapse Studios. A position I held until my move to Seattle, WA in 2016.

Following the move to Seattle, I began a new position at Helpful Human where I specialized in user interface design & front-end development. During my time with Helpful Human, I cut my teeth on large-scale, distributed application architecture while also working within a large and evolving design system.

Most recently, I was a software engineer at Xinova where I architected and rebuilt the frontend of their innovation network platform- reducing 250,000 lines of legacy frontend code to only 40,000 lines of React in just 6 months.